Where to begin?

The first step in the admission process to the US university will be determining what expectations you set for yourself; where do you want to see yourself in three, five or ten years?

The second, and perhaps the critical step will be action because without trying to get an athletic scholarship at the US University, you will not get it. Believe in yourself and you will succeed. Many athletes consider that their level of sportsmanship is not sufficient to receive a scholarship, but without action, there will be no result.

It’s no secret that the American sport is developed at a very high level. Remember how many medals the American team brings at the Olympic Games and World Championships, or the number of world records that are set by the most influential athletes of the world. What is Michael Phelps alone standing for…

Our experience shows that almost any athlete who has reached the rank of the regional or national lever can count on a sports scholarship. And even if you do not have strong sports results, you can count on a partial athletic scholarship, which in turn will help you minimize the costs of education in the US.

Interesting Facts:

  • You do not have to be a super champion to receive a scholarship!
  • Coaches of American universities will not learn about you until you declare yourself to them!
  • Girls have the same chance to receive an athletic scholarship.
  • Athletic scholarships are not only for high school graduates but also for students who wish to transfer to the US University from abroad!

Sports and Study