Univeristy Sport

University sports in the USA are a large industry of sports services that are provided to a wide range of people. US higher education institutions, university leagues, as well as private individuals, invest more than $ 1 billion in student sport annually. Universities are struggling for the best in one or another type of sport, build modern sports facilities, conduct world-class competitions and promote the development of sports in the country as a whole. Sports teams collaborate with research centers, work with the best trainers, and sign multi-million dollar contracts with sponsors.

International athletes

Great competition in sports arenas, forcing trainers to attract athletes from other countries to meet the needs of the team. These processes are also promoted by university administrations that offer additional benefits to foreign students; in the United States, the number of international students and the diversity of their geography is taken into account in the formation of university ratings.

Sports divisions

To date, there are more than 40 sports programs that provide sports scholarships, in most cases, these are Olympic and traditionally American sports, but there are also non-traditional sports areas such as bowling or lacrosse. In student sport, there are three sports divisions, unlike standard sports leagues, universities do not move from division to division, after the season, and not all teams of higher divisions are stronger than the lower teams. The university’s membership in one or another division depends on the total number of students in a particular university; the number of students per teacher; the number of international students; and a variety of sports programs. Universities of the first division are large educational institutions with an average number of students over 15 thousand people; in the second division, about eight thousand people study, and in the third division, the number of students sometimes hardly exceeds four thousand.

Team Sport

The most popular student sport in the United States is American football, which also affects the overall university rating. The presence of a team of American football gives the University additional points in terms of attracting sponsors, organizing events and interacting with other universities. Baseball and basketball are also very popular. In American University Sports, all sports are team-based, in other words, team rating is taken into account, not individual performances by athletes, whether tennis, swimming or golf. Each athlete brings a certain number of points for one or another place in some types of programs, in the future by the competition the best team is determined.

Sports and Study