Our Program

We have developed a program of sports scholarships for athletes of all skill levels – this allows you to achieve effective interaction and quality service delivery. We work with the best universities and trainers in the USA and Canada to meet all your expectations. We provide a guarantee for all our services and support our customers at all stages of cooperation. We contribute to solving the problems of our athlete students before, during and after training.

Join our team of winners, be the first in sports, training, and life.


At the first stage of the program of sports scholarship, our team will develop for you the basic sports summary and cover letter. We will take on all the difficulties that arise in the early stages of registration, registration of documents and communications with educational institutions, sports departments, international offices and trainers to find the best training, training, and sports scholarship proposals. With direct contacts of coaches and personal experience of communication, this allows us to distribute the time and stages of work with our clients as rationally as possible.


After agreeing on the conditions required for entering a particular university, we will provide you with all the necessary information for the chosen university. We will arrange for you to register for the TOEFL or EILTS English exam, as well as for the SAT graduate exams.

Under the conditions of the US sports league, all academic assessments must be adapted to the American assessment system in specially accredited adaptation centers. Our specialists will provide all the necessary information about the adaptation centers, as well as correct and timely processing of your documents. When submitting documents to several universities in the United States or Canada, you need to adapt the grades for each of these universities.

Visa interview

The next stage after enrolling a student-athlete in the university and obtaining them the necessary documents for admission will be visa interview. We are ready to undertake all stages of registration in the state system of international students of the USA – SEVIS, as well as to issue a DS-160 questionnaire and to assist with the payment of US Consulate services.

After completing the visa interview, we will be able to help you find the best air travel options for you in the United States. We will tell you all the essential information when you first visit the country, let’s introduce you to some of the laws and regulations of your new place of study.

Sports and Study