Admission to the university is a big step in life, especially if it’s an American university. Many student-athletes are wondering: “So what should I expect from studying in the US”? In addition to all the advantages of the prospect of obtaining a diploma from one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, and gaining practical experience of living abroad, there are a number of other opportunities for student-athletes. We tried to collect a little part of what can you expect in US university.

Preparatory stage – how to do it right?

For some potential student-athletes, the process of preparing documents can take from 4 to 12 months. During this period, student-athletes should prepare documents package, pass English Language Exam (if the language skills are not sufficient for studying in the USA), meet all recruiting and admission requirements the university. As a result, a student will gain an athletic scholarship, which will cover the university expanse, accommodation, meals on the campus, sports equipment, and participation in competitions for the entire period of study, often it is four years. Students-athletes will be given the opportunity to work on the campus of the university, which will make them feel responsible and provide practical life skills.

First impressions – What do we know about the US?

Yes, precisely what we see in the movies. For many who first enter the country, the first thing they pay attention to is the similarity to the Hollywood movies that we all fell in love. Someone remembers neat lawns, multi-level interchanges, and of course, skyscrapers of New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. And someone recognizes simple and always smiling Americans.

“Another planet”!

Yes, this is how everyday life meaning can characterize the US. Once in the US, you will forget what meters, centimeters, liters, kilometers, kilograms and much more – the country uses the imperial system of magnitudes. This change means that you have to learn something new every day, it will be difficult for you to understand why in a single gallon there are 8 pints, and in one pint 16 ounces, and what in general all these values mean. You will have to argue more than once, because the freezing temperature in the US is 32 degrees, although this is in Fahrenheit, and utterly no one is surprised when weather during summer can reach 100 degrees. Did you know that one inch consists of 8 parts, one foot of 12 inches, and one yard of 3 feet? – Now try to measure the area of your room.

“What does success depend on?” “Only from you, and we will help you in every way.” Our mission is to empower young potential athletes to realize their potential, regardless of the level of athletic skill. ” – Sports and Study

Study, study and study again!

A useful phrase is relevant in the United States. For many student-athletes, studying in the US seems an entirely different concept than in any other country. The fact that everyone in the United States including Olympic Games Champions and ordinary students is studying very strenuously with the same enthusiasm is the fact. Studying at US universities considered without any indulgence for athletes may seem too difficult for some of the international students, but the approach to the process of learning in the US is entirely different. Probably, for someone, it will seem unusual, but the students have the right to call the teacher at 3 o’clock in the morning and to specify a subject on which the exam will be in the morning. The image, when the teacher and students during the classes purposefully go somewhere along the campus, can mean that they decided to drink coffee at the nearest coffee house to get some energy, or went outside to gather their thoughts.

To live, how to live?

Life in the United States is going quite at a measured pace, the fact that people in the US are hard working, on the one hand, it’s true, but on the other hand, everything revolves around money. The rhythm of students’ life is quite vibrant and sometimes stressful – you need to be prepared for everything. Study, training, activities, practice, work, and, of course, free time. For student-athletes, you can add sleep mode, permanent competitions, as well as training camps. Students of American universities prefer to live on the campus; this allows not only to be close to the academic buildings, but also to take an active part in student life, in various competitions, events, get acquainted with new people, and keep abreast of the latest news. Student dorms, for many students, can seem a good resort room, where 1-3 students lived together. Dorms are equipped with comfortable beds, desks, dressing rooms, private bathrooms with showers; often there are apartments with living rooms and their private kitchens. And in all cases, there is a TV, wireless Internet, entertainment rooms, laundry and much more. For all students, many sports facilities are available, such as gyms, playgrounds and swimming pools.


Well, how’s without them! The main difficulties for international students in the US will be the language, or rather the level of its competence. Even the best graduates in language schools sometimes find it difficult to understand a spoken language. British and American English can differ quite strongly both lexically and phonetically, it is complicated to understand an American if you have never faced an American accent. – Yes, Americans chew words, their endings, and even phrases. – It’s quite easy to get used to it, after 1-2 months you will feel quite comfortable. Another significant difficulty is the cultural and mental differences between Americans and other nations; and this is due to many factors, such as upbringing, society, culture, traditions, religion, and worldview.


It will always be with you!

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