Athletic Scholarship

An athletic scholarship is a grand that is given to athletes of a high level of skill regardless of citizenship, both to Americans and foreign nationals. The concept of scholarship should be understood as follows: money that is allocated for study, accommodation, and meals to the athlete, cannot be paid in cash form.

How does an athletic scholarship work?

Each athlete has his or her virtual account at the university’s database, where the amount of scholarship is credited. From that account, the student’s expenses are written off: for study, accommodation, meals, participation in competitions, appearance, and sports equipment.

In some cases, an athletic scholarship can cover books and educational supplies (notebooks, software, materials for study and others).

An athletic scholarship in American universities can be full or partial. A full athletic scholarship is equal to the sum of student-athlete expenses for the entire education period. The partial athletic scholarship covers a certain percentage of the student’s expenses for the education period. With partial scholarships, the difference in the number of costs is covered by a student (academic scholarship, parents, relatives or other sources).

For what period does the athletic scholarship is granted?

An athletic scholarship is awarded to an athlete for 10 semesters. The period of 7-8 semesters is enough to obtain a bachelor’s degree in American universities.

For student-athletes who are transferred to the University in the United States, they should pay attention to the fact that the number of completed semesters in their institution in the home country is taken into account regarding receiving an athletic scholarship in the United States. A student who has finished the second year (four semesters) at his university can count on an athletic scholarship for only six semesters (three years).

For graduates of high schools who did not study at the university, an athletic scholarship is awarded for 10 semesters. For graduates of high schools, the SAT exam is required for admission to US universities.

Can the athletic scholarship be revoked?

Yes, the athletic scholarship can be revoked:

  • In case of violation of US law;
  • In case of violation of US migration law;
  • In the case of drinking alcohol by minors (under 21 years);
  • In case of violation of sports ethics (doping);
  • In case of fraud during the study (copying, plagiarism);
  • In case of violation of the internal rules of the university;
  • In the event of deterioration of academic performance (deterioration of GPA).

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