To become a member of the Athletic Scholarship Program, with Sports and Study, you need to contact one of our representatives or write us an e-mail. Our specialists will answer all your questions, as well as send the original member’s questionnaire, which will help us determine the level of your athletic skills and knowledge of English. We will also provide you with information on the timing and cost of completing the documents. After processing your questionnaire, within two days we will contact you to evaluate your opportunities. Vost participation in athletic scholarships.

With a positive response, we will send you a membership application form, the required information for participation and the timing of the documents. We will develop an individual cooperation plan for the entire period of work with you. With the necessary level of sports training, we will give a guarantee for all our services.

With insufficient sports training, we will find a university that is ready to provide the maximum percentage of sports and academic scholarships. We will consider your financial opportunities while searching for an educational institution and advise you on the best solution in your situation.

We are waiting for your comments and feedback!

Sports and Study