The procedure for admission to universities in America is slightly different from the one to which we are accustomed. To enroll in the university entrants are required to pass the SAT exam, this exam is independent of the school system and is not mandatory for school leavers. All students who study at the American higher education institutions either passed the SAT exam or were enrolled in the university as transfer students, in other words, transferred from another university from outside the US. For student-athletes who apply for an athletic scholarship, registration in the student and sports league of the United States is compulsory. The primary decision to grant an athletic scholarship to a potential student-athlete will be determined by the level of athletic skills, the availability of a correctly drawn up personal sports resume, and the aspirations of such an athlete to improve, both in sport and in education.

International students

For international student-athletes, some additional requirements are being put forward. One of the most important is the knowledge of the language, the confirmation of which can be is the passing of the English language test TOEFL or IELTS. The passing score for enrolling in a university is determined by the internal rules of the university. In some cases, the university may require an additional exam for students who have chosen a more complicated specialty for their further education. Such can be an exam in physics, biology or chemistry.

International student-athletes

For international student-athletes are required to prove their sporting achievements. There are some differences in sports: in swimming, track-and-field, or rowing, there are clear results that can be quickly checked on official websites of national or international federations. While in basketball, football, golf, tennis, and other sports such data cannot be provided, there will be critical evidence of the availability of video recordings of matches, games, fights, performances or races. To increase the chances of receiving an athletic scholarship, we recommend that you collect a sufficient collection of such video materials. For such athletes will be a plus the position in the national or international ranking.

In all cases of work with international student-athletes, universities and trainers in particular wish to receive maximum information about the future athlete, in such cases, universities may request letters of recommendation from the country’s leading coaches or well-known athletes.

Our work

In our work, we rely on our experience working with many universities in the US, as well as on the requirements that universities put forward to their future student-athletes. Full and reliable information about the athlete contributes to the positive result of enrolling in the university and receiving an athletic scholarship.

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