Academic Scholarship

An academic scholarship is a grand that is given students for their academic success regardless of citizenship, both to Americans and foreign citizens. The concept of scholarship should be understood as follows: money that is allocated for study, accommodation, and meals to the athlete, cannot be paid in cash form.

How does academic scholarship work?

An academic scholarship will be awarded to student-athletes for high academic success and depends on the average GPA score. Academic scholarship is assigned to the student for one year of study and is reviewed at the end of each academic year. Academic scholarship can be from $ 1,000 to $ 12,000 a year, depending on the university.

For high schools graduates, the SAT score determines the possibility of obtaining an academic scholarship. The amount of academic scholarship is based on the SAT score.

For transfer students, the SAT exam is not required. Determining the possibility of obtaining an academic scholarship occurs by evaluating the transcripts received at their university, into the US GPA system.

Academic scholarship is an excellent addendum for students with a partial athletic scholarship.

Can an academic scholarship be revoked?

Yes, an academic scholarship can be revoked:

  • In case of violation of US law;
  • In case of violation of US migration law;
  • In the case of drinking alcohol by minors (under 21 years);
  • In case of violation of sports ethics (doping);
  • In case of fraud during the study (copying, plagiarism);
  • In case of violation of the internal rules of the university;
  • In the event of deterioration of academic performance (deterioration of GPA).

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