Our Mission

Using the international experience of athletic scholarships and advanced educational programs give the opportunity to realize the potential of young athletes regardless of the level of performance.

Our Goal

Formation of sports and academic skills of the younger generation, by transforming the culture of perception of sports in general, as well as its key components. Providing international cultural and sports exchange of youth with the goal of developing internal spirituality, as well as harmonious development of the individual, both in sport and in life.

Our Philosophy

We are consciously working on the self-improvement of the young generation of athletes; we are creating a springboard for their further comprehensive development, both sporting and spiritual. We help young people make the right life choice; we create the preconditions for future career victories. A sports career is rather fleeting; our task is to form a transformation of life goals and objectives, by obtaining new knowledge and skills. Working with sports programs, we give a chance to athletes to be engaged in favorite sports for the blessing of the further course of life.